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All wedding packages are priced per day inclusive of all necessary equipment. Additional costs will be included for weddings outside of London . We also book weddings outside of the UK. For weddings and family events, you can take advantage of our special Rize Packages. Wedding packages start from £1500.00 inclusive of 1 videographer, professional audio recorded from ceremony and speeches. Take Advantage of the included Aerial services special running  for packages £1900.00 and beyond.


Wedding Couple

The Just Rize


This combo package that gives you a 10-12 minute Highlight film that captures not just the images but the shared emotions and unforgettable scenes of your special wedding day. This package is well edited and produced to highlight most of the day in a tight format.

Package includes - 1 min Trailer, 10-12 min Highlight Film and full Speeches & Ceremony.


White Necktie

The Mid Rize


When details of your wedding are important and every changing scene needs to be part of those saved memories, you will want our feature offer which gives you a stunning 15 minute Highlight film. What more do you get? You get a Trailer video to share as a snapshot with friends.  

Package includes - 1 min Trailer, 15 min Highlight Film and full Speeches & Ceremony - Drone Included.



Wedding Table

The Full Rize


The Full Rize provides you a Trailer and a 20-25 minute Highlight film as well as the edited speeches. All the special moments from guests and family members that the bride and groom will always cherish.

Package includes - 2 min Trailer, 20-25 min Highlight Film and full Speeches & Ceremony - Drone Included.



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